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Frederic Remington-Art.com
Your number one resource on Frederic Remington Bronze Statues and Paintings.
Remington-Art.com Provides you with information articles and photos on Frederic Remington one of the best Sculptors and painters of the American west. Remington Bronzes are are famous around the world and are on display at the white house and museums around the world. We hope you enjoy our web site to learn more on Remington Bronzes Statues and paintings.

Auction Houses are good place to find old antique bronzes recently  T & S Estate Auction Service just had some very nice bronzes go through you just never know where you may find a nice original bronze

 Our Mission
is to provide a free service to the public by providing a single, comprehensive, online source of educational resources on Frederic Remington Bronze Statues.

To encourage and foster an appreciation of our Western Art Heritage through a through understanding of the works of art created by the world's most prolific Western artist, Frederic Remington.

To encourage new artists to pursue their talents by understanding that not everyone who has succeeded as an artist has had formal training.

To encourage everyone who visits to help preserve, and keep our Western Heritage alive for all generations to enjoy

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