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Photos of original Scalp Bronze Sculpture

1898 The Scalp Bronze Sculpture

Remington portrays a Sioux Warrior as the subject of his fourth casting. The piece was completed just days after The Wicked Pony was sand cast.
The Scalp is unexpectedly stylized for Remington’s technique, and is much less animated than the previous figures. The Scalp is stylized by the stiff pawing gesture of the horse’s foreleg, and his rigidly postured head and neck. Even though the statue is stylized it conveys a sense of victory, by the clinched fist that is the arrogantly triumphant wave.
This piece was copyrighted in December, 1898; under the name, The Triumph. It was cast by both, Henry-Bonnard Bronze Company and Roman Bronze Works. It is very likely that the bronze was damaged in the Bonnard foundry fire of 1898. This is highly probable because, the later Roman Bronze demonstrate significant differences. The second time that it was produced it was by the lost wax procedure. Remington wrote in his diary that he was not pleased with the production quality of the lost wax, so in 1907 he destroyed the mold and on the same occasion he destroyed The Cheyenne mold as well.

By: Shannon  J. Hatfield







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