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1906 The Outlaw

The Outlaw is one of Remington’s later pieces. This 1906 piece, The Outlaw was known as the real companion to The Broncho Buster. It is the teeter to The Broncho Buster’s totter, what comes up in one comes down in the other. Giant jolts of endless energy were what this cowboy was feeling as the horse would rear up putting full force on all fronts.
       The Outlaw’s rider seems to bestow a great amount of fluidity and control. However, this cowboy is not going to win any points by resting his hand on the side of his horse. Yet, on a safer side he stands a chance of not getting his coccyx dislocated. This cowboy was a first class bronco-buster or flash rider. These riders would receive high wages, wages that were well deserved, because this was one of the most dangerous jobs there were and no man could ever hope to grow old.
       The idea for this casting was taken from that of an old sketch that Remington had done years before called the “Sun Fisher.” In this sketch the rigorous life of a flash rider was shown. This cowboy was trying to beat the odds to stay on the bronc.

By: Shannon  J. Hatfield







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