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Photos of original Trooper of the Plains

1909 Trooper of the Plains

The Trooper of the Plains was a blatant try by Remington, at recapturing the title as the art historian of the Indian-fighting army. This was a title that Remington had held for many years. In 1903 Remington got into a controversy with a painter he didn’t care for. The controversy was over accuracy and not artistry. Five years later he was still smarting over it.

In this particular piece he paid extremely close attention to the post-Civil War military fashion and hardware, which was one of his favorite subjects to sketch. In this rendition a similarity can be seen that is also present in the Cheyenne. The horses hooves are in midair this time however, instead of a buffalo hide supporting the bulk of the mass; its weight is supported by sagebrush.

By: Shannon  J. Hatfield









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