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Test Your Knowledge on Remington
Test Your Knowledge on Frederic Remington

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Just for fun Test your Knowledge on Frederic Remington.
 To see how much you know just click on the answer.

1. How many subjects did Remington sculpt and cast in bronze?
A. 96
B. 22
C. 32

2. Where did Remington live most of his life?
A. Philadelphia
B. New York
C. Kansas

3. What was the cause of Frederic Remington’s death?
A. Killed in a stage coach robbery
B. Appendicitis
C. Heart Attack

4.  To which president did Remington give the Broncho Buster?
A. Theodore Roosevelt
B. Zachary Taylor
C. Abraham Lincoln

5. With which well known Cavalry unit did Remington ride?
A. Seventh Cavalry
B. The Rough Riders
C. Buffalo Soldiers

6. What was the name of Remington’s wife?
A. Elsie
B. Eva
C. Helen

7. Which sculpture later adapted the woolly chaps?
A. Bronc
B. The Broncho Buster
C. Wicked Pony

8. Where did Remington live, yet hated the most?
A. New York
B. Kansas
C. Missouri

9. Where did Remington receive an honorary art degree?
A. Harvard
B. Yale
C. Princeton

10. What sport did Remington play?
A. Polo
B. Croquet
C. Football

11.  For what publication did Remington illustrate?
A. New York Times
B. Harper’s Weekly
C. The world

12. Where in the White House can the Broncho Buster be seen?
A. Oval Office
B. Red Room
C. West Wing

13. What was the name of Remington’s first Bronze?
A. The Wicked Pony
B. Let’er Rip
C. Broncho Buster

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